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OSU Sexual Abuse Survivors and Wrestlers Share Their Truth and How Our Children Are Still in Danger

November 22, 2023 Tamie Wilson Episode 2
Lead-HER-ship with TamieWilson
OSU Sexual Abuse Survivors and Wrestlers Share Their Truth and How Our Children Are Still in Danger
Show Notes

I had the opportunity to engage in a profound and revealing conversation with survivors of the Ohio State University sex abuse scandal. This podcast post aims to shed light on the harrowing experiences of these survivors, what Jim Jordan knew and didn't do, the systemic failures of the universities involved, and the urgent need for awareness, accountability, and change.

The Survivors Speak Out
The survivors shared their personal stories of abuse, recounting instances of excessive fondling, drugging, rape, and voyeurism. They painted a disturbing picture of the environment at Ohio State, where faculty and staff were allowed to engage in inappropriate behavior. Their frustration with the legal system and the lack of support from the universities was palpable.

Dr. Richard Strauss, a central figure in the scandal, was described as a manipulator who groomed his victims under the guise of medical procedures. The survivors emphasized the normalization of the abuse and the complicity of the institution in protecting Strauss. They drew parallels between the abuse at Ohio State, Michigan State, and the University of Michigan, suggesting a pattern of predatory behavior within large sports institutions.

The Culture of Abuse in Athletic Programs
The survivors discussed the normalization and acceptance of the abuse within the athletic programs. They mentioned how the coaches and assistant coaches were aware of what was happening and even participated in normalizing it. The abuse was compared to hazing and initiation, and the upperclassmen would laugh about it. The power dynamic and fear of speaking out were highlighted, as well as the shame and confusion experienced by the survivors.

The NCAA's Role and the Culture at Ohio State
The survivors questioned why the NCAA hasn't investigated Ohio State University and suggested that it is because it would harm their brand. They highlighted the culture and atmosphere at Ohio State, specifically mentioning the sauna and showers where Dr. Richard Strauss would spend hours and engage in inappropriate behavior with the athletes.

Systemic Issues and Legal Proceedings
The survivors discussed the systemic issues at Ohio State University and the failure of coaches and administrators to address the abuse by Dr. Richard Strauss. Rocky Ratliff, a survivor and attorney representing other survivors in the lawsuit against Ohio State University, discussed the legal proceedings and tactics used to discredit the survivors.

Personal Experiences and the Need for Legislative Changes
The survivors discussed their personal experiences with the Ohio State University sex abuse scandal. They expressed their disappointment in the university's handling of the situation and the use of taxpayer dollars to pay settlements and legal fees. The need for legislative changes and accountability at the university was also discussed.

Frustrations and the Need for Change
The survivors expressed their frustrations with Ohio State University's handling of the sex abuse scandal. They highlighted the manipulation by Ohio State University and the need for a change in the statute of limitations to support sexual abuse survivors.

The Interconnectedness of Institutions and the Legislature
The survivors discussed the interconnectedness of institutions and the legislature in protecting themselves from legal consequences. They called out the funding practices of ins

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