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The Heartbreaking Story of Denise Amber Lee: A Father's Perspective on His Daughter's Heroic Battle

November 29, 2023 Tamie Wilson Episode 3
Lead-HER-ship with TamieWilson
The Heartbreaking Story of Denise Amber Lee: A Father's Perspective on His Daughter's Heroic Battle
Show Notes

In this episode of "Leadership with Tammy Wilson", Tammy interviews Rick Goff, a member of the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, about the tragic kidnapping and assault of his daughter, Denise Amber Lee, in 2008. Despite Denise's brave efforts, she was not saved in time due to dispatcher errors. The incident led to a law requiring formal training for dispatchers. Rick also discusses the trial and conviction of the perpetrators, the discovery of Denise's body, and the impact on his family. The episode also touches on a scholarship established in Denise's honor and Rick's advocacy for improved dispatcher training.

Denise was a vibrant young woman who was tragically kidnapped from her home, raped, beaten, and shot by a man she had never met. Despite the horrifying ordeal, Denise displayed incredible bravery and resourcefulness. She hid her engagement ring in the kidnapper's car, leaving behind DNA evidence, and managed to keep him on the phone with the 911 system for seven minutes.
Unfortunately, due to a lack of formal training, the dispatchers made mistakes, and help was not dispatched in time to save Denise. This heartbreaking incident had a profound impact on her family, who think about Denise every day.

Rick Goff, Denise's father, and a member of the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, shared his experience and the deep connection he had with his daughter. He also discussed the mistakes and miscommunication that occurred during Denise's kidnapping.

Despite the tragedy, Denise's story led to significant changes in the law. A state legislator named Page Kriegel took Denise's case to Tallahassee, resulting in the passing of a law in her name. This law now requires dispatchers to undergo formal training and certification.

Rick's son-in-law, Nathan, travels the country sharing Denise's story, and Rick himself has been involved in teaching homicide classes. He emphasizes the importance of looking beyond immediate family members when investigating crimes and considering the possibility of a stranger being involved.

Rick also shared his plans to promote Denise's story and raise funds for her scholarship. He will be attending a conference in Pittsburgh as a guest of Dr. Cyril, a renowned forensic pathologist. Rick also plans to visit Washington DC to speak to legislators about Denise's story and advocate for certification and training for 911 dispatchers to prevent similar tragedies.

Despite the heartbreaking nature of the story, it is crucial to share such stories as they shed light on the failures within our system. By discussing these issues, we can work towards making necessary changes to prevent further tragedies and save lives especially when there are officials and politicians such as Jim Jordan who vote NO on simple measures such as the Violence Against Women Act!

I hope that today's episode has provided valuable insights and lessons and encourages you to continue striving for a better world. Together, we can make a difference.

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